2 for 1 Offer!

Want to learn Aerial Arts but unsure how to start?


Learn to fly in one 90 minute Aerial Teaser Workshop! Try:

Pole Dance

Aerial Silks

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Only $49 for 2 people!

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Get your 2 for 1 voucher to try 3 fantastic Aerial Arts in one convenient workshop with a friend!

Try three fantastic Aerial Apparatus in one convenient 90min Workshop! Complete the form above to get your 2 for 1 Voucher!

4 Reasons Our Students Choose Us

Your own Apparatus Guarantee!

Fantasy Fitness and Dance is proud to be the ONLY studio in W.A. to guarantee you your own Pole, Silks or Lyra to use for every class of your course! No waiting around for your turn!

Supportive and Friendly Staff!

Fantasy Instructors and Staff are all friendly and supportive, please don't be afraid to ask any questions!

Beginners Welcome!

Fantasy Director Holly Gannon has created an Aerial Arts syllabus starting from an absolute beginners level - no experience or fitness level required!

With a fantastic syllabus and skill progression, you will be in an advanced level in no time!

Performance Opportunites!

Have the opportunity to perform onstage in your first Aerial Show in the annual Student Showcase!

When you reach the highest Performance Levels, you will also have the opportunity to perform professional shows with Fantasy Performance Company!